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Corporate Law

Owning or operating a small business is a meaningful experience and small businesses create the fabric of our communities. Many small business owners take great pride in their craft. They feel a deep satisfaction going to work each day, knowing that their hard work will have direct and tangible results.

Business ownership comes with substantial risks and your personal assets may be on the line unless you establish and maintain your business properly. Even if your business is legally incorporated, if you are not following all of the corporate formalities outlined under the law, your personal assets could be at risk. If your business is sued or comes under attack, your home, cars, and retirement savings are all reachable by your creditors. If you are sued personally, the assets of the company may be reachable by your creditors as well.

Investing the time and resources to properly, and legally, set-up and run your small business can protect you from these risks. Our firm is here to help. We employ a team of business lawyers, corporate legal advisors and consultants who have assisted many businesses in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the following capacities:

  •  Establishing a new business entity such as a Limited Liability Company, Corporation or Partnership
  •  Selling a business
  • Purchasing a business
  • Adding or removing shareholders or members
  •  Drafting and reviewing commercial leases
  • Restructuring corporate entities

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